have fun
and get ready to check!

We are creating a card game for the classroom, that will help learn media literacy and become resilient to false information!


What is "Check or Cheat"?

Is it possible to learn about media literacy, gain critical thinking skills and have fun while doing it? We say YES!

“Check or Cheat” is a collection of educational material for secondary education students and teachers to learn how to critically evaluate media content, fact check and build resilience to false information.

Part of it is made in a gamified manner, making it a fun and inclusive opportunity to learn. All of it is made by involving both students and teachers, shaping it to something that can be easily used in the classroom

Fighting disinformation
from A to Z

We aim to provide a full educational experience for all – students, teachers, their families and friends! Although it is still in development, here is what you will be able to find, experience and adapt to your needs:

Teacher training

Your students need an expert of media literacy to guide them – why not become one? Gain the knowledge and skills needed to help your students grow!


Card game

By using this educational tool, empower students to acquire skills needed for spotting, understanding and analyzing disinformation in social media.


Educational material

When it comes to media literacy, skills and knowledge go hand in hand. Be sure to find lots of information needed for your educational journey in one place!


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Email: info@checkorcheat.eu

Phone: +370 525 97 247

We're making this a reality!

This project is co-funded by the European Commission under the preparatory action “Media Literacy for All 2018”.

The project is carried
out by four partners: